a life lived in fear is a life half lived!

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Craftbrewer in Brisbane are one of the premium homebrew suppliers in Australia, service pricing and advice are all first class, if you have any questions you will find Ross and his staff always ready with a wealth of knowledge.....Highly Recommended!
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The Australian homebrewer forum is Australias "go to" forum for all things brewing, on the whole there are many good people who will help you on your brewing path, and a lot of knowledge wrapped up in the posts you will see, however like all forums some of the "experts" who will answer your questions are not as clued up as they think, so if you use your discretion and search out those who, have a track record of delivering high quality scientifically based answers ...this site is invaluable.
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Highly Recommended
Every now and then you are privileged in life to meet people who sum up all that is good in humanity, the owners of this family business are such people, They have been kind and supportive of us and we owe them a debt for just reminding us that on this planet such people still exist and our lives are the richer for it.
Bett-A-Brew and their online store iBrew were founded in 1974 and has been the forerunner of Specialist outlets, bringing all natural, quality brewing and winemaking packs and concentrates direct to home enthusiasts for the past 30 years. They are proud to have consistently set the standard in customer service and product formulation that others try to emulate
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